Google My business is a free listing from Google that lets you display photos of your business and details like the services, opening times, contact details and products you offer. It also gets you noticed on Google maps and other local search results, which is a win win situation if you are a local business. When you sign up to Google My Business and people do a search for your business they will see your very own knowledge panel displaying all the relevant details about your business. This knowledge panel gives your potential customers a first impression of your business and it also allows happy customers to review your business, which at Surfpoint we believe is one of the best ways to attract customers. Another benefit is that you may end up in Google’s 3 pack, depending on how well you rank, which gets you listed above the organic search results.

So where will your Google my business listing appear

Google search results page

Google's knowledge panel
Google's knowledge panel on mobile
On desktop devices, the knowledge panel will appear on the righthand side of Google’s organic search results page, next to your listing. On a mobile device this will be at the top of the results. This knowledge panel will only appear when somebody directly searches for your business or key products or services that directly match your business.

Google maps

The knowledge panel on Google maps appears when again somebody directly searches for you or the services you supply. It will also show a marker to where your business resides. Very handy if you do your business from a permanent building.

Google three pack

Google three pack displays three business listings on Google search result page that closely matches services searched for. The search result will also show the location of where those businesses are located.

Google's three pack